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Travel Tips:

Simple Tips for Better Travel, These simple travel tips here are those which I have learnt from the experiance of self and my relatives and friends. I have put this here as it is really helpful.

Selection of a Travel Destination:

  • Before selecting a destination to travel, consider the duration of travel, stay and the journey distance.
  • Consult friends, relatives, internet, magazines, newspaper, Ads and travel agent at last for the travel packages. Get the details about how to reach, accommodation and budget of the destination.

After selecting a Travel Destination:

  • Get your journey tickets and accommodation reserved to avoid troubles.
  • Get a map or have a look of the place in the online maps like WikiMapia.Org, or to get an idea and more information of the location.
  • Plan your each day so that you get sufficient time to take rest and get relaxed. Keep your vehicle journeys either in night or in noon so that you can visit the places in mornings and evenings and have a good sleep in the vehicle.
  • If you want to drive your vehicle for the travel, avoid the night travel and see that you get sufficient time to relax and to attend the nature calls.
  • Keep the medicines which are required for the duration of the travel and also keep extra in case your plan gets changed in between the travel.

Before you get ready:

  • Get planned and organized. This saves your time, money and saves you from stress.
  • Travel Light. This makes your travel a comfortable one. It also decreases the time required for transport of the bulky languages and you will not get fatigue carrying it. Light luggage can be taken into flight as carry in baggage and you can get rid of waiting at the airport lobby for your luggage to come.
  • A suitcase or bag with wheels is the best to carry your most of the articles required for a travel of 2 or 3 days.
  • Make a check list of the items which you want to carry and prioritise them. Write down all the ideas or anything which you might feel u need while travelling into a notepad so that you may go through it while packing.
  • Pack your clothes and other articles in such a way that the things which you may use more are easily available.
  • Cameras, players, discs etc. are to be kept in their covers to avoid damage.
  • Carry enough media, batteries and charger with your camera so that you may not miss any memorable moments uncaptured.
  • Keep the necessary documents, tickets, vouchers in a folder to be organized.
  • Get your vehicle serviced if you use your own vehicle.
  • Don´t carry excessive jewellery and precious articles for the travel.

Before you start:

  • Avoid oily, spicy and heavy food before travel as this may upset your stomach and make you feel uncomfortable during your travel.
  • Recheck your tickets, wallets and fuel.
  • Leave early so that you may not get struck in the traffic or get delayed in security check or changing platforms.
  • Test your new camera BEFORE you depart on your vacation.
  • Use comfortable clothing and shoes on the basis of the travel destination.
  • Pack HALF or THREE FOURTH of the clothes you want.

While travelling:

  • Keep yourself hydrated adequately so that you be healthy during the travel.
  • Carry a book, magazine or a music player so that you won´t go bored when you are awake in your journey.
  • Get ready your things so that you won´t get delayed in getting down and check your things before getting off.
  • Have Healthy Diet. Take TWICE the money you will need.
  • Have abundance of Patience and a little Caution always.

In the Travel Destination:

  • Use the pre-paid or Government transport services to avoid getting cheated from the transport services.
  • Take a business card of the hotel where you stay so that you can reach your hotel/room without difficulty in case you forget the name or route to your hotel.
  • Get you camera/cell phones charged before you leave for the sight seeing.
  • Try to visit most of the places if time is adequate as you don´t know whether you visit that place again.
  • Get your memories captured and kindly don´t leave your memories and Keep the place clean.
  • Travel in groups to be safe. Use your Credit/Debit Cards and Traveller´s Cheques instead of carrying cash.

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