B V Pundit and Sadvaidyasala

Dr. B V Pundit & Sadvaidyasala

Dr. B.V. Pundit and emenient ayurvedic doctor who studied in first batch of Mysore Ayurvedic College. He was Ayurveda Vidwan and was honoured as "Bhishagratna" (precious doctor) for his contribution to ayurveda and health of the people. Please check B V Pundit website for more information.

He established the "Sadvaidyasala" an ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company which is famous for "nanjangudu haallu pudi" (Nanjangud Tooth Powder). Chyavanaprasha, Srikara Amodini, Amalaka Rasayana, Talisadi Tablets, Kasturi Tablets, Bhavana Shunti etc are some of the famous ayurvedic medicines which are commonly used by many people in this region. More than 200 types of ayurvedic medicines with high quality are manufactured here. You can visit Sadvaidyasala website for more information.