How to Reach Nanjangud

Information to Reach Nanjangud and Nanjangud Temple

Nanjangud is a town in Mysuru District and is well connected to Mysuru (Mysore) city by frequent buses and trains. Distance between Mysuru City to Nanjangud Town is around 22 km by road and 26 km by train.

Bengaluru (Bangalore), the capital of Karnataka and Information Technology (IT) capital of India, is around 165 km from Nanjangud Town (via Mysuru). Bengaluru is connected to rest of India by many trains and Air routes.

Reach Nanjangud drom Bengaluru: Once you reach Bengaluru (Bangalore) by any route and any mode of transport, you can catch a bus or train to Mysore and then reach Nanjangud by another bus or train from Mysore. You can even take a cab from Bengaluru to Nanjangud

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Other Routes: Nanjangud can be reached from other routes also. From Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Nanjangud can be reached through the route via Gundalpet town. From Tamil Nadu, Nanjangud can also be reached through the routes via Chamarajanagar Town or through Kollegala-Thirumakodalu Narasipur.

Most busses from Mysore which go towards Gundalpet, Chamarajanagar, Coimbatore, Ooty, Calicut(Khozikode), Thrissur, Ernakulum and Kottayam pass through Nanjangud.

Mysuru Airport: The airport at Mysore is under development, which at present has very few flights per week between Mysore, Bangalore, Chennai and Kochi. Until its frequency increases, the nearest Airport is at Bengaluru. The fare for the air travel between Mysore and Bengaluru is around Rs. 2500 onwards which vary on time, day and season of journey and different companies.

Approx Distance and Fares:


Bengaluru to Mysore: (146 km, 3 hr journey by road/train.)

   Ordinary Bus - Rs. 160.00
   Raja Hamsa Bus - Rs. 350.00
   Airavatha AC Bus - Rs. 400.00

   Express Trains - Rs. 120.00
   Shatabdi Trains - Rs. 450.00

Mysore to Nanjangud: (23 km, 30 min journey by road/ 40 min by train.)

   Ordinary Bus: Rs. 40.00 to Rs. 50.00
   Train - Rs. 20 (passenger fare, 45 min journey, 26 km)


Chamarajanagar to Nanjangud: (35 km, 40 min journey by road/ 50 min by train.)

   Ordinary Bus: Rs. 40.00 to Rs. 60.00
   Train - Rs. 20 (passenger fare, 50 min journey, 35 km)


Gundalpet to Nanjangud: (35 km, 40 min journey by road/ no trains.)

   Ordinary Bus: Rs. 40.00 to Rs. 60.00
   Train - No train. Survey for new rail route between Nanjangud and Nilambur (Kerala) via Gundalpet is going on.

Check the Chamarajanagar Nanjangud Mysore Bengaluru Train Timings

To Reach the Nanjundeshwara Temple (Srikanteshwara Temple):

From Nanjangud Bus stand/Railway station the temple is about 1km and can be reached by a 10min walk.

Some busses going towards Chamarajanagar and Coimbatore from Mysore stops near the Nanjangud Temple upon request. Special Bus services will be available on the some of the important local festival days.