Geography of Nanjangud

Geography & Location of Nanjangud:

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Located at 12° 07' 20" N, 76° 41' E and 660m above MSL. (approx), in the Deccan Plateau Region of the South Indian Peninsular. The River Kapila originates in the region of Waynad in Kerala state and flows into Karnataka. The River Kapila flows through Nanjangud and joins the River Cavery(Kaveri) as its tributary near the town called Thirumakodalu Narasipura (T. Narasipur). This site of confluence can be seen through WikiMapia.

Nanjangud is a site of confluence of three rivers. River Kapila, River Koundinya (also known as River Gundlu) and River Churnavathi (a small channel).

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